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Can you find your way on two wheels?

by awitherick on 15 February, 2010

When it comes to cycle routes which we should be using to encourage people to both exercise and support green travel- the Tory Council is silent.
You can search for “Cycle routes”, “Cycle maps”, “Bike routes”, “cycle paths” and you get sent to leaflets you can download from other sites if you get lucky.
You finally try “Cycleways” and you find the maps for the county- even “Cycle ways” as two words doesn’t work.Herts Highways have put money in to cycle routes because they’ve had to from ring fenced grants and as such seem to resent what should’ve been a positive local investment.  The result has been the information has been buried so deep that even if you go to their own cycle pages it’s not there.
So much for health living!’

The information on Cycle routes currently can be found on Hertsdirect Webmaps :

To display the key click on the white square button (with 3 black lines on it) to the left of the grey buttons,
To get information on a specific route first click the round button next to ‘Cycleways. Then using the ‘i’ information button from the tools to click on a route or draw a box over it you will see an information box at the bottom of the screen display the results.
This compares to Public Rights of Way which have a dedicated page and map link:

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