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THANK YOU Marshalswick South

by awitherick on 9 May, 2010

Dear all,
Many thanks to everyone who turned out to vote on Thursday, regardless of who you voted for. The turn out was up- and we even had queueing at the polling stations (although thankfully I’m not aware of anyone being unable to vote, unlike other parts of the country!).

There was good news and bad news though
With the parliamentary election we were sad to see that hard working campaigner Sandy Walkington didn’t quite make it this time. With an 11% increase in the Liberal Democrat share of the vote we were just a few thousand short and so we are once again represented by the Conservative whose own party sought to deselect her and claims for a property in St Albans when everyone else here commutes.

Tories lose the local elections
From the May 5th St Albans Review:

Tory Salih Gaygasuz, defending a majority of 30 in Marshalswick South, said: “The Lib Dems are campaigning hard – trying to cling onto power. Although we could win overall, my feeling is we will win two or three seats from the Lib Dems, and there will be a hung council. I certainly wouldn’t want to be shaking hands with the Lib Dems – we disagree with a lot of things they have done, especially the way they have abused the planning process with the swimming pool.
My preference in a hung council would be to talk to Labour.”

Sadly he was correct- the Tories did win two seats from the Liberal Democrats.
However he did oblige us by losing his own seat, as did the Labour group leader- giving us one gain from Labour and one from the Tories, (Both halves of St Albans North). As such, not sure who he’d be talking to had he remained a councillor…

But we did get to celebrate locally as Rod Perks was elected
In his place I am happy to welcome Rod Perks to join me in representing Marshalswick South Ward as a Liberal Democrat councillor for the area.
He’s already started and has been knocking on doors and looking at issues such as Bernard’s Heath, and for me, Cllr Melvyn Teare and Cllr Kate Morris it’s some one else to share the workload with in terms of casework and dealing with the needs of local residents!

So thank you all once again, and remember, we’re here all year round, not just during the elections!


Cllr Allan Siao Ming Witherick
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Marshalswick South on Hertfordshire County Council

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