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Bernards Heath – Hole in the ground (So big but not so round…)

by awitherick on 18 May, 2010

Most people will have noticed the large earthworks vehicles up on Bernards Heath, they’re going to be there for around four weeks, so please be careful!

The area has suffered subsidence which is basically where hollows have developed below ground level and the ground then falls in to these hollows leaving holes.  These have been anything up to 3 foot deep.

It’s always been a minor issue, but last year it became a lot worse and when they did a ground survey they found that the area was riddled with problem areas.  The only way to resolve this is to in effect peel back the top layer of soil (which we know the grass can grow in), peel it back , drop in “hard core” (rubble) and then put the soil back.
This is the more costly solution (especially compared to just dumping hard core on top and flattening it) but it’s the best way to restore the area to something the community can enjoy safely.

The fences will stay up for a while afterwards to allow for any settling and for the grass to grow back.

As such we would ask people to please be careful of the fenced areas and vehicles.  The Council doesn’t spend money on fencing for the sake of it!

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