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Change or… change?

by awitherick on 26 September, 2010

Many of us take for granted how St Albans looks, it’s traditional blue brick streets, the Cathedral and old familiar landmarks.  But we also know that over time it has changed substantially, with new developments and extensions to existing properties.

This has not been due to accident.  Some of it has been due to parts of St Albans, and the wider district, being listed as “Conservation Area”.  Those are the parts of the City which local people believe should be designated as being of special interest, or deserving protection.  These documents are then used to inform the developers and others which parts we feel should be maintained and how they should be managed.

You can find out more about the Conservation area at:

(Alternatively you can see a printed copy in the Central (Maltings) Library, or the Council Offices.)

Only the Boundary Road area in Marshalswick South Ward is included in the Conservation Area at the moment (Area 14 Boundary Road Cottages), but that might change if there is enough interest from local residents.

This is an important Statement and the first to be produced for St Albans itself.  It underpins all the Vision work which has been going on over the last year or so to help us describe the St Albans of the future that we as local residents want to see.

Find out more at:

Consultation period ends 29th October.

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