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Christmas Cheer, icy pavements and local shops

by awitherick on 26 October, 2010

Strange to think we’re still on British SUMMER Time, if only just. Already enough shops are selling their Christmas gifts and the papers are advertising restaurants for the obligatory (and occasionally embarrassing) staff outings.
There is however Christmas cheer for shoppers and shops alike in St Albans.
Surveys undertaken over the summer this year showed that there has been an increase in footfall around the shopping areas, both month on month and year on year. An important indicator of how the local economy is doing.
Equally reviews of the problems suffered last year with the bad weather has meant that local councillors have worked hard to ensure that local shopping parades in Beech Road have been added to the list for pavement salting.
Cllr Witherick, worked with Herts Highways and the District Council to ensure they were included.
“Hopefully the changes we have fought for this year as we reviewed what happened last winter, will make things better for everyone. I’m pleased to see that footfall was up this summer in St Albans, but let’s keep it up. St Albans has many small and interesting shops for gifts which are individual. You’re less likely to buy something that people have seen in every other shop and at the same time you’ll be helping maintain our local vibrant economy.”

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