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School Transport? What do you think of proposed changes

by awitherick on 7 November, 2010

Everyday literally millions of children make their way to school via a variety of means. For those living in the Boundary Road area for example it means what feels like hundreds of children and cars making their way down tiny narrow roads to get to the schools, and of course out again.
Work has gone on to try and reduce some of this, through proactive approaches such as Green Travel Plans etc, but sometimes it is attitudes which have needed to change.

Now, with the drive to ensure that the government only spends what it can afford (we spend more on debt interest than we do on the whole of Higher Education!), the Tories in Herts are proposing to reduce school transport to the legal minimum.

The proposals, which are open to public consultation online from 18 October 2010 – 26 January 2011, are as follows:
1) That the county council adopts a policy for free home to school transport based only on statutory entitlement with effect from September 2012.
2) That existing concessions for faith transport and all other discretionary transport would discontinue from September 2012. Other changes relating to eligibility and arrangements for free transport are also proposed.
3) Views are sought on how schools and local communities can manage local home to school transport arrangements.
4) That the SaverCard concessionary scheme currently available to pupils is retained, and an annual minimum charge of £20 per year for new applicants is introduced for those of statutory school age, from September 2012.

To have your say, there is an online form on our website at, and we are encouraging children and young people to comment through

Help Cllr Allan Witherick to make the case, please do email him with your views about the implications and impacts these changes would make to you.
This will help him to ensure that residents views are taken in to consideration.

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