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From Live Music to Busking- how much does St Albans Offer? LOTS

by awitherick on 21 November, 2010

Among the many subjects which have come up this autumn for Councillors to discuss has been the live music scene in St Albans and with it, curiously, the role of buskers.

How many places do you think can play live music in the District? 30? 50? 100? 150?
The answer is 192, before you add in several hundred Temporary Event Notices!
This gives you an idea of the potential strength and variety of music available in St Albans.

In addition we also have several busking sites in St Albans which help to add even more flavour to the City and hopefully a nice background tune to your shopping experience.

So why not get out and enjoy a local venue this Winter, it’s certainly one way to keep warm and have a nice evening.

That said, whilst the council can license venues it can’t assure you of the quality of the music!

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