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Some gifts are toxic….

by awitherick on 5 January, 2011

And I’m not talking about that horrible after shave that your aunt brought*.

A few key things to remember:

  • Recycle what you can! That includes gifts next year. Just avoid giving them to the person who gave them to you.
  • Don’t forget charity shops, both for buying and getting rid of unwanted presents (but make sure they are in suitable condition!).
  • There are also various exchange websites worth trying.
  • Batteries and “e-waste”, ie electronics, need to be handed in at tips/recycling points. Otherwise dangerous chemicals can leak in to the environment.
  • If you get a new mobile don’t forget to check out whether you can get some money back by sending the old one for recycling.

So we hope you have a good Christmas which isn’t wasteful.
Now to start next years wishlist to avoid the unwanted gifts…

*Well, ok, I might be!

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