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Fighting for safety (Lorry blind spots)

by awitherick on 29 March, 2011

Lethal blind spots in lorries which are the cause of so many cyclist deaths could soon be a thing of the past after the success of a long-running campaign strongly supported by LibDem MEPs on lorry and truck road safety.

Campaigners have secured the support of the 369 MEPs needed for the ‘Written Declaration’ on road safety to pass. The text calls for the use of sensors to eliminate the blind spots in lorries responsible for thousands of collisions each year.

Local cyclist councillor Allan Witherick said:

“Cyclists are incredibly vulnerable on the road and the larger the vehicle, the harder it is for them to spot us.  This initiative has to be at European level so that we can get motor manufacturers involved to really make a difference.
The European Commission is now obliged to come forward with proposals in response to the Parliament’s declaration and our representatives in Europe will continue to push for progress on this.”

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