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AV isn’t just about arcane elections rules

by awitherick on 2 April, 2011

The Alternative Vote isn’t an academic discussion, or a political experiment.  It’s a real chance to make our government more representative of the votes of the people who elect them.

Picture of AV yes vote

You’ll hear many stories about what it might mean.  That far right voters will have their votes counted more than once, that fringe parties will benefit and it will cost millions to administer.

That’s not quite true.

It won’t cost any more than the current system. The votes are counted the same as now.  They counters will just be looking for the number “1” instead of an “X”.

If no one gets 50% of the vote they’ll take the votes of the person with the least and redistribute them based on the “2”s on the paper.  So if you voted Liberal Demcorat first, but we came last, and your second choice was Labour, then your vote would be counted for Labour instead.  So we don’t need big expensive machines for this!

You don’t get a second vote, but you might get your second choice.

The example above makes it clear, your vote is only ever worth one vote.  But now it’s got a better chance of being counted.

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