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Take a walk on the wild side…

by awitherick on 8 July, 2011

If you’re looking for something to do over the summer why not take the chance to explore those wild bit’s of St Albans that you some times drive through or past and have a look…

For example within the Ward we’ve places like:

Beech Bottom which forms part of the green ring around St Albans.  Did you know it was there?  You can park up by Valley Road and go for a wander. This image was taken in May/June for the BlueBells, but if you’re looking for a little somewhere to escape any time of year it’s great.

And just outside St Albans you’ve things like the River Ver.

The Ver Valley Walks break up the 17 mile linear River Ver trail into manageable chunks, routes are waymarked and there is a leaflet with a map for each walk, all full of extra information about the area. The leaflets are available to download or to pick up free at local libraries, tourist offices or directly through the Ver Valley Society.

To find out more about the River Ver go to:

Or to find more about the different types of walks:

Or to see what’s in Batchwood try the mirror ward site to this:

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