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Air Travellers Should Know Their EU Rights to Avoid Travel Misery

by awitherick on 16 July, 2011

Are you jetting off this Summer holiday?

Stamps in the passport

That’s one of the things which has become easier being part of the European Union, but did you know it had also become safer?

EU regulations provide for extra protection and support where flights are cancelled or delayed.

Under EU law, when a person books a flight, they enter into a contract with the airline to get them from one destination to another. If a flight is cancelled, passengers have two choices; they can take a refund and exit the contract, or ask to be scheduled onto another flight or travel by other means.

When passengers choose the latter option, the airline has a duty to provide accommodation, transport to this accommodation, and meals and refreshments where necessary.

The law applies to airlines operating within Europe.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Allan Siao Ming Witherick said:

“We’ve seen the problems caused by ash clouds and strikes, people need to know their rights.

It won’t mean luxury hotels and private flights, but EU rules do provide some comfort for those stranded abroad and their concerned relatives at home.”

Allan continued “In the event of a flight being cancelled, the passenger should speak directly to staff at the airport about arrangements for food and beverage vouchers and accommodation. Airlines have a duty to look after their passengers and if they cannot provide this, they should be willing to reimburse reasonable costs at a later date.

The Air Transport Users Council exist to uphold the rights of passengers. They can be contacted via;

020 7240 6061

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