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Major road due for works… A1081 November or December…

by awitherick on 19 October, 2011

Herts Highways have issued a notice that they are going to be working on a couple of major roads for up to 10 days some time between 7 November and 31 December- sorry we can’t be more accurate, we’ve not heard yet.

  • North of St Albans: the length of A1081 Harpenden Road, St Albans from its junction with Beesonend Lane south eastwards to its junction with Beech Road, a distance of approximately 3550 metres.
  • South of St Albans: the length of A5183 Radlett Road, Frogmore/A5183 Watling Street, Radlett from its junction with Smug Oak Lane south eastwards to its junction with Park Road, a distance of approximately 2696 metres.

It’s frustrating not being able to give more detailed timings, as you can imagine the suggested diversion goes several miles out of the way!

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