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EU Water under the bridge…?

by awitherick on 25 November, 2011

Some times you have to wonder what’s in the water that the reporters at the national papers drink before they write articles about Europe…

It’s certainly something very funny as shown by a wonderful headline “EU says water is not healthy”.

Do we honestly think that any right minded individual would say this?  Regardless of what wacky organisation they belong to?

If you answered yes it really tells you about how biased UK reporting is on some of the things which go on in the rest of the world.

What the EU actually did was refuse to allow the claim that “Regular consumption of significant amounts of water can reduce the risk of development of dehydration and of concomitant decrease of performance.” to be lodged under a piece of legislation about disease risk claims.

So perhaps we need to question what we read in the papers.

Want more details? Have a look at:

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