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Is your childs school closed tomorrow?

by awitherick on 29 November, 2011

No one likes going out on strike, it’s a day of lost pay when most can ill afford it. What’s often forgotten though is the knock on impact for parents.  Trying to arrange care at short notice can be a nightmare and it’s not been helped by the lack of information from the County Council.

You can see a list of known closures here:

(It’s the same link as for bad weather closures.)

This is because all the schools have given the County Council more information, they’re not sharing it!

For example the County KNOWS that STAGS (St Albans Girls School) is only closing the lower school (so years 11, 12 and 13 are open and have support at this crucial time), yet the message is oblique and just send you off to search for contact details.

The Liberal Democrats have raised this issue again, but the Tories seem reluctant to do anything about it.

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