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EU fights for the small… honey bees!

by awitherick on 1 December, 2011

Sometimes we hear all kinds of strange claims about what the European Union is debating and what it’s trying to do.

Often the truth is in the detail.

Recent increases in bee mortality and a declining number of beekeepers across Europe could threaten food production and security, environmental sustainability and biodiversity if left unchecked.  An estimated 84% of plant species and 76% of food production in Europe are dependent on pollination by bees.

A recent report urged the European Union Commission to invest money in disease prevention and control and further research into the impact of environmental factors on the bee community as disease and pesticides are taking their toll. Bees are developing resistance to the limited amount of medicines available so more need to be created and produced.

It’s only by working together on cross border issues that we can find a solution not just for Hertfordshire, but for Europe.

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