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How many batteries have you killed already?

by awitherick on 27 December, 2011

It’s that time of year where all those cheap batteries which came with the toys have already died (sometimes giving a merciful break from the noises!).  But as you reach for the replacements don’t throw the old ones in the bin, collect them to recycle.

Look out for this in your local shop

If you think about what’s in them, it’s some pretty nasty stuff and so putting them in landfill where they eventually leach in to the ground might not be the best idea!

Help us save the environment for your children and grand children.

One of the many positives that the EU has pushed for is reducing the toxic chemicals in batteries and making sure that they are recycled properly.  This reduces the chance of things like mercury and cadmium escaping in to the water course.

If you go to any place which sells more than a few batteries you should be able to find a “Be Positive” recycle your battery symbol and something to put them in.  So why not just drop them off when you go to do your weekly shop.
(Don’t forget, this goes for your rechargeables when they give up the ghost as well!)

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