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Volunteer group gets a helping hand from local councillor

by awitherick on 21 January, 2012

Young people aged 16-19 will be given the opportunity to get involved in volunteering opportunities in their area thanks to a grant from a local county councillor.

Councillor Allan Witherick (St Albans North Division), is supporting the Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) in St Albans from his 2011/12 allocation by providing £500 from his locality budget fund towards the cost of a youth volunteering project.

The CVS helps people of all ages to get involved in volunteering but says the youth age group can be difficult to place as, in some cases, the young volunteers may need to reply on others for transport, may require supervision and may not meet the minimum age policy of many organisations.

Councillor Witherick said: “Young people in St Albans will be better able to access the many and varied benefits of volunteering and also to develop work relevant skills such as communication, time-keeping, planning and self-confidence. This can help young people who hold few or no qualifications to get experience which will help with their work prospects.

“Equally, the few local organisations that actively welcome youth volunteers at the moment benefit greatly from their enthusiasm, physical ability and energy, alternative perspectives and new ideas.”

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