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Don’t Panic on fuel- but there are somethings you should do anyway!

by awitherick on 29 March, 2012

We’ll ignore for a second whether the biggest funder of Labour should be threatening to bring the country to a halt, or the Tories have stoked the issue of fuel supplies.

It doesn’t matter- there are some things you can do to make your fuel go further ALL the time!

Driving more efficiently, emptying the rubbish from your car, all of it could make a really big difference.  You can find a whole load of suggestions on how to run your car better and cheaper at:

Separately Herts Fire service have warned people NOT to store more than 20l at home in line with legal requirements, and to ensure it’s in suitable containers. ¬†Storing any kind of flammable liquid is dangerous. So please be careful!

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