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Don’t let the water go to waste…

by awitherick on 5 April, 2012

We take for granted here that when we turn on the tap, pull the chain or have a shower out will pour unlimited, fresh, clean water.

Now admittedly we don’t need fresh clean water for the toilet, but few properties have “grey” water usage where rain, or slightly dirty water, can be used for things like this.

In other countries however people aren’t so lucky…  Some countries have to import water, literally by the barge full, others see crops wither and die.  We aren’t getting that bad yet, but we still need to conserve our water as we’ve had far less rain both last year and so far this year.

Today is the first day of the Hosepipe ban.

The restrictions in the Veolia Water area which we live in cover more than just “using a hosepipe” include:

  1. watering a garden using a hosepipe;
  2. cleaning a private motor-vehicle using a hosepipe;
  3. watering plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe;
  4. cleaning a private leisure boat using a hosepipe;
  5. filling or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool;
  6. drawing water, using a hosepipe, for domestic recreational use;
  7. filling or maintaining a domestic pond using a hosepipe;
  8. filling or maintaining an ornamental fountain;
  9. cleaning walls, or windows, of domestic premises using a hosepipe;
  10. cleaning paths or patios using a hosepipe; and
  11. cleaning other artificial outdoor surfaces using a hosepipe.

So please, please look after our resources so that they don’t become scarce, regardless of whether you pay rates or are on a meter.

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