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Wasting time in council? Or fighting for residents?

by awitherick on 19 April, 2012

It’s easy to be critical on the council, to stoke fears and throw things out to the media which are sensational and will make the headlines.

Sometimes the fears can be justified, other times they obscure the real work being done to improve things. For us it was sad to see the almost hysterical cries from the sole Green Councillor that our main recycling site was going to be shut down, despite clear reassurances that this was not the case.

Allan Witherick’s amendment to try and look positively at the situation and seek to improve the site was voted down by the Tory and Labour group.  They both argued along with the sole Green Councillor that we should be fighting just for the status quo with no reduction, rather than having the foresight to look for how we could enhance provisions for local residents.

Thankfully though the Liberal Democrats pushed through a proposal to look at INCREASING capacity at the St Albans recycling site which has now been agreed in principle by the Tory run Cabinet.

Cllr Allan Witherick said “It’s taken a while with the Liberal Democrats continually pushing with both amendments and motions being pushed at Full Council to make a positive difference.  I’m glad that this looks to be reaching fruition now the other parties are listening to us and the needs of residents.”

For more information on recycling locally check out the website: which was launched when the Liberal Democrats ran the District Council.

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