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Why be in government?

by awitherick on 26 December, 2010

With the parliamentary party in government, Liberal Democrats often get asked why are they in a coalition with the Tories. Have “we” given up our principles for power? Do we agree with what the coalition government is doing? All kinds of different questions, especially in light of recent entrapment exercises with the press which showed […]

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EU wanted to know more about prescriptions…

by awitherick on 24 November, 2010

Patients must have better access to high quality information on prescription drugs in the future, MEPs decided today. The European Parliament strives for more freedom for patients who want to be informed about prescription-only drugs. The basic pillar of the legislation is to ensure the availability of objective, reliable and non-promotional information on medicines to […]

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Everyday literally millions of children make their way to school via a variety of means. For those living in the Boundary Road area for example it means what feels like hundreds of children and cars making their way down tiny narrow roads to get to the schools, and of course out again. Work has gone […]

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Anyone can be vulnerable…

by awitherick on 24 September, 2010

Not all the things we deal with as councillors are positive. Sometimes we deal with real life issues of people who are in need, or have suffered all kinds of problems. One of the more sensitive issues is vulnerable adults, something the press often don’t pick up on. It might be someone who is elderly, […]

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With the Tories already looking to cut a quarter of their £22m spend on community wellbeing, prevention and housing related services the Liberal Democrats have pledged to defend vulnerable groups and scrutinise every line of the proposals.  Adult Care Services have already written to everyone of their voluntary and third sector providers to warn them that all contracts, big and […]

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Get on yer’ bike!

by awitherick on 14 June, 2010

The District Council has put together a whole series of things for Bike Week, next week. Cllr Allan Siao Ming Witherick, a keen cyclist, said: “Many of us see the signs when we’re out and about, and may have even picked up one of the old cycle route maps, but each route had a different […]

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NHS and Labour let us down again

by awitherick on 5 April, 2010

When we lost St Albans A&E and instead got a Minor Injuries Unit local residents felt let down by the NHS and their Tory MP.  Since then the Health service has gone through multiple reconfigurations at an unknown cost to the tax payer.  The latest one sees the merger of West Herts and East & […]

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Norman Lamb MP speaks on 21 January

by awitherick on 14 January, 2010

Norman Lamb MP will be visiting St Albans next Thursday 21st January to speak on the future of our NHS in a public meeting. Norman is the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk and the party’s shadow secretary of state for health.  He will be able to talk about latest Liberal Democrat thinking on the […]

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Has the NHS really changed under Labour?…

by awitherick on 17 December, 2009

A few years ago the NHS in Hertfordshire was running up debts, in part because of how the national formulas tell us that we’re a “Healthy” place to live. 2006/07 saw Hertfordshire carry forward a loss of nearly £89m. Cut backs and efficiencies saw an in year “saving” of nearly £34m meaning that there was […]

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