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Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservative Administration at the County Council of failing to consult properly on the planned closure of Jane Campbell House in St Albans, which also has worrying implications for other care homes in Hertfordshire. Even though the care home has an occupancy rate approaching 100%, the County Council has declared that […]

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Nursery Applications open Today!

by awitherick on 20 February, 2012

From today you can apply online for Nursery places for children born between 1 September 2008 and 31 August 2009 for Nursery schools and classes. Nursery Applications Apply online from:     Monday 20th February 2012 Closing date:            Sunday 1st April 2012 Allocation date:         Monday 30th April 2012 Accept your place by: Sunday 6th May 2012 […]

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Part Night Lighting Display Reminder

by awitherick on 18 February, 2012

Just a quick reminder about the Part Night Lighting display that will be at the Liberal Democrat Offices, 9 Hatfield Road in St Albans today from 10am to 1pm as well as online. Already our local County Councillor Allan Witherick has secured some changes locally including lights on Old Harpenden Road, the site of a […]

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Attempts to save the Schools Library Service thwarted

by awitherick on 29 January, 2012

Attempts to prevent 12 staff from being made redundant to save just £41,000 were scuppered this week after the Conservatives voted  to get rid of the Schools Library Service. During the debate on the cabinet decision at a scrutiny meeting on Wednesday 25th January, the Liberal Democrat group highlighted that the closure of the service […]

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“Feelin’ Good Week” is there to celebrate good mental health and emotional well being of children and young people in Hertfordshire. Too often people don’t talk about the issues that concern them when it makes a difference, “Feelin’ Good Week” is coming up soon, are you going to do anything about it? It is important […]

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Ready for School? DEADLINE 15 January!

by awitherick on 10 January, 2012

People often forget that starting school isn’t just stressful for the Children, but for the parents as well! The application process is due to close soon for parents to select their preferences for children starting school, or moving on to junior or middle school, in September 2012. There’s just 5 days left! You can get […]

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The Olympics Fire up volunteers in Herts

by awitherick on 4 January, 2012

There are so many ways you can get involved in the local community… One burning example is the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s fire safety community volunteer scheme which has even been granted the Inspire mark by the London 2012 Inspire programme. The London 2012 Inspire programme recognises innovative and exceptional projects that are directly […]

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Did you know you could recycle cooking oil?

by awitherick on 3 January, 2012

When I was younger I used to have to drain off the oil in a left over drinks cartoon on pain of death.  Too many examples of clogged up drains I think! Used cooking oil has traditionally been difficult to dispose of and research has shown that the majority of householders in the UK are […]

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“Enough short-termism”, say Lib Dems

by awitherick on 2 January, 2012

St Albans Liberal Democrats have called in the decision of the cabinet to sell off the Ariston Site on Harpenden Road.  As a result there will be a full day scrutiny. Previously they wrote to the County Council to protest at the short-term planning behind the proposals to sell off County Council-owned land at the […]

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Run a local business? Get some extra business…

by awitherick on 22 December, 2011

Did you know that for any of the county council contracts under £75,000 (that’s around £18m worth!) they have to get a quote from at least one Hertfordshire based company? That’s a lot of potential business! Further help for businesses wishing to supply to the public sector is also available online at the Hertfordshire Supplier […]

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