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Tesco’s due to open…

by awitherick on 22 December, 2009

Tescos have been busy in St Albans! It’s now been confirmed that Tescos have exchanged contracts on the old Woolworths site and intend to open up a new store approximately twice the size of the old one. In the mean time the Tesco in the Beech Road is due to open in February 2010. We’ll […]

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City Forum and 20mph

by awitherick on 11 December, 2009

Tonight (well technically yesterday) St Albans City Forum discussed a number of issues. Of interest to Marshalswick South residents in particular was the prospect of 20mph zones/limits.  We all know that areas like Boundary Road etc that could all benefit from a reduction in speed limit on safety grounds. This is something that we are […]

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Thameslink… why?!!

by awitherick on 9 December, 2009

Today I had to carry my bike from Platform 4 to 2, missing my train.  Waited- and it decided no, no, platform 4 again.  Carried it over. It changed again, back to platform 2… To add insult to injury- enjoy the picture below… Obviously they are running in their own time zone:  Train was 10:25, […]

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Thameslink troubles continue

by awitherick on 6 December, 2009

Many of the residents in MArshalswick South Ward including myself, Cllr Allan Witherick, will be commuters or use the trains on a regular basis both to get to London and further afield. Sadly most of us will have also been  hit by the delays, with rapid platform changes caused by the drivers dispute which has […]

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