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Don’t let the water go to waste…

by awitherick on 5 April, 2012

We take for granted here that when we turn on the tap, pull the chain or have a shower out will pour unlimited, fresh, clean water. Now admittedly we don’t need fresh clean water for the toilet, but few properties have “grey” water usage where rain, or slightly dirty water, can be used for things […]

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In normal First Capital Connect style, there will be disruptions to the usual schedules due to repairs. So if you’re planning on a trip by train this weekend please make sure you check the times just in case! On the brighter side, cross London travel is due to restart before the end of May.

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Less than a month to get your party started!

by awitherick on 2 April, 2012

Hertfordshire, and indeed St Albans, had among the highest turn out for people to have Royal Wedding street parties, with parties in roads such as Battlefield Road. And again this year the County Council is offering the opportunity for streets to apply to close “minor roads” for free.  Cllr Allan Witherick said “I am hopeful […]

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Air passenger rights need strengthening

by awitherick on 1 April, 2012

Did you know that because of the EU you’ve got more rights when there’s problems with your flights? Current EU laws are in place to compensate passengers for long delays and cancellations. Financial compensation can be sought if a flight is cancelled less that 2 weeks before the scheduled departure, and tickets may be refundable […]

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Take the kids to the park this Easter!

by awitherick on 31 March, 2012

If you’ve got kids I expect there’s a chance they not let you forget that Easter is coming, even if you wanted to! Easter Holidays 2nd – 13th April 2012 But entertaining the children this Easter doesn’t have to cost a lot! There are FREE Play activities for 5 – 12 year olds in 16 […]

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Badge renewal Blues for Blude Badge holders…

by awitherick on 30 March, 2012

If you, or someone you know has a blue badge- check the expiry NOW! It’s one of those things which has to be done every so often (three years from now on).  But the Conservative run Council just can’t keep up with things. Currently, there is up to an eight weeks delay in providing the […]

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We’ll ignore for a second whether the biggest funder of Labour should be threatening to bring the country to a halt, or the Tories have stoked the issue of fuel supplies. It doesn’t matter- there are some things you can do to make your fuel go further ALL the time! Driving more efficiently, emptying the […]

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The online application for Nursery places for children born between 1 September 2008 and 31 August 2009 for Nursery schools and classes closes on 1st April- and it’s no joke! Nursery Applications Apply online from:     Monday 20th February 2012 Closing date:            Sunday 1st April 2012 Allocation date:         Monday 30th April 2012 Accept your place by: Sunday 6th May […]

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Sadly the council can’t actually come nad dig the garden for you- but they can give you some compost to put on it! The refuse and recycling team at St Albans City & District Council is holding a Great Compost Give Away event on Sunday 25th March. Liberal Democrat Councillor Allan Witherick said “This is an […]

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Libraries… more than just books!

by awitherick on 22 March, 2012

Among the many things you can do at the library that you might not be aware of is take a short course on using computers. The classes are aimed at people with little or no experience of using a computer or the internet. They offer one-to-one introductions to computing and cover everything from the basics […]

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