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Europe´s health shows inequalities

by awitherick on 26 March, 2011

Some of the big things the European Union do sadly go unreported in the UK, even though they could have some really positive impacts for patients in the UK.  Some of the report adopted by the European Parliament underlines the importance of fundamental social objectives through equal opportunities, access and solidarity. Action to reduce health […]

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European Commission proposals on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 have been criticised by ALDE (the group the Liberal Democrats are in in Europe) spokespersons for energy and environment. We’ve included this article to highlight why the European Union has a positive role in encouraging countries to invest in the environment- Clouds […]

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For those who heard about the Dragon’s Apprentice- the local group from St Albans Girls School (STAGS) walked off with two of the top prizes at the awards ceremony this week. The project, which was sponsored by Cllr Allan Siao Ming Witherick from his locality budget, brought together young people from local schools and business […]

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Tidying up Snatchup Alley

by awitherick on 16 March, 2011

Many Marshalswick South residents walking into town and even to school use the shortcut round the back of the Jolly Sailor pub and behind the Cricketers. It’s called Snatchup Alley- it’s not as salubrious as it sounds! Local historian and Councillor Kate Morris helped to get the nameplates installed at either end and it is also now part […]

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Little in life is free, but a Street Party might be as the County Council won’t be charging for those held for the Royal Wedding on the 29th April. A street party is categorised as an event that is: a small private event for residents of one or two streets publicised only to local residents […]

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Education should be for everyone

by awitherick on 28 February, 2011

“You’re cold, the fence has left scars on your hands and your child is crying as you escape what can only be described as a nightmare.” For a lucky few that nightmare should end when they reach our shores. Helping them to stand on their own two feet is essential, and education is the key […]

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Got a great idea?…

by awitherick on 24 February, 2011

Then why not do something about it? Starting up your own group isn’t impossible, and there is support out there. The Centre for Voluntary Services provides support for all kinds of organisations and ideas.  Our local one is at On their county website you can find out more about the opportunities including their informative […]

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St Albans City and District Council’s Liberal Democrat Cabinet have agreed, proposals for a budget for 2011/12 that ensures that nobody in the District will have to pay more District Council related Council Tax than last year, and delivers £2.2m of savings whilst protecting residents’ essential services and support for organisations helping vulnerable people locally. The […]

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Going Digital…

by awitherick on 21 January, 2011

Whilst it’s not reached us yet, the gradual switchover to Digital has hit North of us in Harpenden. Locally the Crystal Palace and Hemel Hempstead transmitters in the London TV region will not have to deal with digital switchover until 2012. The existing analogue television signal is being switched off gradually across the UK and […]

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Lib Dems encourage people to stand up and be included

by awitherick on 13 January, 2011

A civic awards scheme and greater roles for citizens as community leaders are amongst proposals in a new inclusion strategy which is now out for consultation. This is a positive document which calls for: “An inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity and capability to take part and contribute to community life.” Something which the […]

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