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Sometimes as many as eight out of ten house fires in Hertfordshire on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day can be caused by cooking. Liberal Democrat Councillor Allan Witherick said “When I go back to see my family it’s great- but there are a LOT of distractions to keep us busy with a young […]

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Highways – the hidden holes

by awitherick on 28 October, 2012

Lib Dem county councillors have again condemned the County Council’s decision to abolish local decision-making about highways schemes. Lib Dem Councillor Allan Witherick, who took part in the most recent highways meeting in St Albans, said: “It’s amazing, the Tories tell us we’re getting more powers and an enhanced role for District Councillors, but the […]

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Working for your safety, both here and abroad

by awitherick on 28 May, 2012

If you’re planning your summer holiday already it’s always worth considering travel insurance to cover some of the unforseables and making sure your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card – is up to date.  But there are some things you just can’t plan for. Liberal Democrat European justice & human rights spokeswoman and neighbouring MEP Sarah […]

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Got your postal Ballot?

by awitherick on 24 April, 2012

They should be hitting doormats today so look out for yours! It’s your chance to support the re-election of your hard working Liberal Democrat Councillor, Melvyn Teare. Just ensure that you post it as soon as possible so that it gets to the Council in time! And remember- it’s not too late to vote by […]

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Wasting time in council? Or fighting for residents?

by awitherick on 19 April, 2012

It’s easy to be critical on the council, to stoke fears and throw things out to the media which are sensational and will make the headlines. Sometimes the fears can be justified, other times they obscure the real work being done to improve things. For us it was sad to see the almost hysterical cries […]

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There’s nothing quite so satisfying as when an Anti-European asks a questions and gets the opposite answer to what they expected… In our local case the St Albans Tory MP asked a good, decent question which has been recorded in Hansard: “How much an average household would save each year by 2020 if the Energy […]

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Why start thinking now about Winter?!

by awitherick on 15 April, 2012

Liberal Democrat Councillor Allan Witherick is thinking about winter already… “About this time last year I was sorting out the Double-glazing for my flat.  Now is the time to try and get those little changes done to the house to make it warmer and better for when Winter finally arrives.  Things like double glazing, boilers, […]

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re welcoming a new life in to the world, or giving a farewell as another leaves, there’s always a load of paperwork attached! It’s not the thing which instantly comes to mind, it’s not exactly what most of us want to be dealing with as a priority, things are stressed enough […]

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Free food <- thought that might interest you…

by awitherick on 7 April, 2012

Although the minute I add “school dinners” it might have turned you off, but it has to be said, school meals have REALLY improved over the decades, with a wide variety now on offer which seeks to be balanced and nutritious. But for some they are out of range due to the cost, but perhaps […]

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Take a walk on the wild side (locally)!

by awitherick on 6 April, 2012

Looking for somewhere nice to escape out to this Easter? Actually if you want to find a nice place to go for a walk then you don’t have to go that far!  We’ve a number of local areas, from Batchwood Wood to Beech Bottom, from Bernards Heath to The Wick. Cllr Allan Witherick who has […]

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