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Got your postal Ballot?

by awitherick on 24 April, 2012

They should be hitting doormats today so look out for yours! It’s your chance to support the re-election of your hard working Liberal Democrat Councillor, Melvyn Teare. Just ensure that you post it as soon as possible so that it gets to the Council in time! And remember- it’s not too late to vote by […]

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Wasting time in council? Or fighting for residents?

by awitherick on 19 April, 2012

It’s easy to be critical on the council, to stoke fears and throw things out to the media which are sensational and will make the headlines. Sometimes the fears can be justified, other times they obscure the real work being done to improve things. For us it was sad to see the almost hysterical cries […]

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Sadly the council can’t actually come nad dig the garden for you- but they can give you some compost to put on it! The refuse and recycling team at St Albans City & District Council is holding a Great Compost Give Away event on Sunday 25th March. Liberal Democrat Councillor Allan Witherick said “This is an […]

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Lib Dems to push for council house rent freeze

by awitherick on 22 February, 2012

The Labour rules governing council rent increases have been changed by the Coalition to give local councillors a bigger say. The Conservatives are proposing an inflation busting 8.3% increase, whilst the Liberal Democratgroup are fighting to freeze the council house rents.Lib Dem Cllr Allan Witherick, who will be voting for the freeze, said “The old Labour […]

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Nosey about Westminster Lodge

by awitherick on 11 January, 2012

One thing the Liberal Democrats can not be accused of in St Albans is having a vision and working hard to deliver on it. Only the Liberal Democrats have worked hard to deliver new services and facilities, from increased recycling through to Westminster Lodge. If you’re nosey why not go and have a look? A […]

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Planning concern?

by awitherick on 7 January, 2012

As your local Councillors, Melvyn Teare and Rod Perks have the ability to call in planning applications to committee.  This could be if you are concerned about the impact it would have on the local area, or equally that planning officers don’t allow something simply because the rules are inflexible. Before you get to this […]

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How many days of Christmas are we up to?

by awitherick on 5 January, 2012

So we’re already running out of time and the Easter Eggs are out in the shops! St Albans City and District Council have installed collection bins for the recycling of Christmas cards at the council offices, council-owned sports centres and community centres across the District until the end of January. The locations are as follows: St […]

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Get more from a trip to the council

by awitherick on 14 December, 2011

Fancy getting a bit more from your next trip to the council? In an attempt to bring things under a single roof the services available at the Civic Centre on St Peters Street will be as follows: Oaklands College Drop-in sessions and free guidance interviews on Mondays (9am-3pm) and Wednesdays (9am-5pm).  It will also be […]

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For the others who stood up for what we believe in

by awitherick on 8 December, 2011

Sometimes, with all the petty politics, it’s too easy to forget not how we got here (the needs of our electorate should never be far from our mind!) but also the people who made it possible. Among those who should be honoured for this are those commemorated by our war memorials locally. One of the motions put […]

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Westminster Lodge- it’s getting there!

by awitherick on 5 December, 2011

It takes a lot to make a dream of reality, from steel girders which needed police escorts and 200 tonne cranes which had to be assembled on site at Westminister Lodge it’s been a massive undertaking. The pool is one of the things that the Liberal Democrats were proud to be able to spearhead, and […]

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