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Wasting time in council? Or fighting for residents?

by awitherick on 19 April, 2012

It’s easy to be critical on the council, to stoke fears and throw things out to the media which are sensational and will make the headlines. Sometimes the fears can be justified, other times they obscure the real work being done to improve things. For us it was sad to see the almost hysterical cries […]

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There’s nothing quite so satisfying as when an Anti-European asks a questions and gets the opposite answer to what they expected… In our local case the St Albans Tory MP asked a good, decent question which has been recorded in Hansard: “How much an average household would save each year by 2020 if the Energy […]

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Why start thinking now about Winter?!

by awitherick on 15 April, 2012

Liberal Democrat Councillor Allan Witherick is thinking about winter already… “About this time last year I was sorting out the Double-glazing for my flat.  Now is the time to try and get those little changes done to the house to make it warmer and better for when Winter finally arrives.  Things like double glazing, boilers, […]

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Take a walk on the wild side (locally)!

by awitherick on 6 April, 2012

Looking for somewhere nice to escape out to this Easter? Actually if you want to find a nice place to go for a walk then you don’t have to go that far!  We’ve a number of local areas, from Batchwood Wood to Beech Bottom, from Bernards Heath to The Wick. Cllr Allan Witherick who has […]

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Don’t let the water go to waste…

by awitherick on 5 April, 2012

We take for granted here that when we turn on the tap, pull the chain or have a shower out will pour unlimited, fresh, clean water. Now admittedly we don’t need fresh clean water for the toilet, but few properties have “grey” water usage where rain, or slightly dirty water, can be used for things […]

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Sadly the council can’t actually come nad dig the garden for you- but they can give you some compost to put on it! The refuse and recycling team at St Albans City & District Council is holding a Great Compost Give Away event on Sunday 25th March. Liberal Democrat Councillor Allan Witherick said “This is an […]

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MEPs to back plans for low carbon economy

by awitherick on 14 March, 2012

The European Parliament is expected on Thursday (March 15) to endorse the Commission’s low carbon ‘Roadmap’ by a large majority. The document provides a policy framework for the European Union to achieve an 80-95% reduction in its CO2 emissions by 2050. Its formal endorsement by EU governments was last week blocked at the Environment Council […]

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How many days of Christmas are we up to?

by awitherick on 5 January, 2012

So we’re already running out of time and the Easter Eggs are out in the shops! St Albans City and District Council have installed collection bins for the recycling of Christmas cards at the council offices, council-owned sports centres and community centres across the District until the end of January. The locations are as follows: St […]

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Did you know you could recycle cooking oil?

by awitherick on 3 January, 2012

When I was younger I used to have to drain off the oil in a left over drinks cartoon on pain of death.  Too many examples of clogged up drains I think! Used cooking oil has traditionally been difficult to dispose of and research has shown that the majority of householders in the UK are […]

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How many batteries have you killed already?

by awitherick on 27 December, 2011

It’s that time of year where all those cheap batteries which came with the toys have already died (sometimes giving a merciful break from the noises!).  But as you reach for the replacements don’t throw the old ones in the bin, collect them to recycle. If you think about what’s in them, it’s some pretty […]

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