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The Pioneer – Skating on thin ice

by awitherick on 7 October, 2010

Over the summer the Tory run County Council decided to take the running of The Pioneer Youth Centre building back in house.  Instead of being managed by The Pioneer Management Committee, an independent charity, it would instead be managed by Youth Connexions.

Now this could herald positive investment in the buildings and more services, or it could lead to current user groups being gradually forced out.  There are still real concerns and fears as to the long term future of the site as it has been ear marked in the long term for development by the County Council.

This announcement has come after a summer which saw good take up at the skate park and the resumption of the independent live music events with positive press coverage.

Local Councillor Allan Siao Ming Witherick has been fighting to ensure that current users don’t suffer because of the changes.
“At the moment there are too many unanswered questions, too many bits where you can read between the lines and come to a very unhelpful conclusion.  This could be a really positive step, or something we have to fight tooth and nail, but the Tory County Council has somehow managed to make a mess of it yet again.
When it came to Bernards Heath field it should’ve been positive- making the field safe for future users.  Instead it created huge levels of uncertainty and concern and disruption without any real explanation of the eventual benefits which we are assured will come.

You can read the County Council press release at:

And their statement on the youth “Channel Mogo” website:

The Save Pioneer Skate Park group includes comments from the existing Pioneer Management Committee members:

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