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Sandridgebury Lane Highways survey work

by awitherick on 7 January, 2011

Local Liberal Democrat Councillor Melvyn Teare had an email on Tuesday 4 January which said:
“In case you are not already aware, Mouchel (apparently on behalf of Herts Highways) have been carrying out measurements of the junction of Sandridgebury Lane with Harpenden Road.”  The resident went on to ask if we could check what was going on and whether it was linked to any of the potential expansion proposals at STAGs etc.

Roads are the responsibility of the County Council so Melvyn swung local Lib Dem county councillor Allan Siao Ming Witherick to check what was going on- the news back is far more positive:

“OK, a response back, it’s a two parter as Herts Highways do a lot of work

a) Nearly all planning proposals will have some Highways input.  They will come from a “neutral” position and state whether the impact on a road will be acceptable.  Of course with any and all changes in the area we’ve been working to ensure they are aware of the difficulties already faced.
b) In this particular case however the response from Highways is this:
“It was a survey in regard to potential safety schemes following last years fatal accident at the junction with Green Lane.  It was only an initial survey and no scheme is designed at present.  As ever when it does get to  any design stage you will be consulted.”
I should stress that we will still need to bid for the funds to get any safety improvements (and try to make sure they’re improvements!), but hopefully this will be positive news for residents nearby.”

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