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Textile labelling – know what you get, trust what you know

by awitherick on 29 May, 2011

Not everyone want’s to wear leather or fur.  For many there are real concerns about the way animals are treated and kept.
The European Parliament has adopted, by a large majority, a report that paves the way for a more transparent labelling of textile products within the European Union.
The most important new aspects: First, any use of animal-derived products will be stated on the labels. Consumers will therefore no longer risk purchasing real fur or leather products when they do not want to do so. Second, the Commission will be asked to prepare an assessment report, by September 2013 for a scheme which might include details on the harmonisation of sizes and care labels, social and environmental aspects.
Portrait of Toine MANDERS MEP (VVD, Netherlands)ALDE member Toine MANDERS (from VVD, one of the Liberal Democrat sister parties in the Netherlands) who was the EP rapporteur on the issue, comments: “With this report and the study, that also focuses on possible harmonisation of sizes and care labels, the use of independent symbols or codes and on new forms of electronic labelling like QR-codes and RFID, we will be able to modernize and simplify in a few years the necessary information to end users.”
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