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European Union gets to grip with juices

by awitherick on 29 December, 2011

Next time you grab a juice, pause and ask yourself, is it really healthy? What’s in it?

For you it might just be a small issue, but for some with allergies or diabetes it can literally be a matte of life or death.

MEPs have voted in favour of stricter rules on what goes in to fruit juices, with stricter labelling guidelines.

Andrew Duff MEP

The aim of the Fruit Juice directive is to improve the quality of drinks available across the UK and the European Union and will make sure you know exactly which juices contain extra sugar or sweeteners.

Andrew Duff, local Lib Dem Euro-MP said the legislation was good example of all EU countries working together.

He said: “For many consumers with health issues such as diabetes and allergies it is vitally important to clearly state what has been put in their drinks.

“I am delighted that in the future it will be prohibited to put extra sugar in drinks labelled as fruit juice.

“And it will no longer be possible to market a product on the basis of only a minor ingredient if the juice is actually made up of a completely different fruit. No more apples disguised as strawberries!”

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