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Everyday literally millions of children make their way to school via a variety of means. For those living in the Boundary Road area for example it means what feels like hundreds of children and cars making their way down tiny narrow roads to get to the schools, and of course out again. Work has gone […]

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I love my Herts library

by awitherick on 5 November, 2010

A library is many things to many people- a place to read- well yes! But also a place to escape to, to study away from the noise of home, or simply a desk. For others it’s that musty smell we all know instinctively and link to learning. More recently though it’s also been the computers […]

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Christmas Cheer, icy pavements and local shops

by awitherick on 26 October, 2010

Strange to think we’re still on British SUMMER Time, if only just. Already enough shops are selling their Christmas gifts and the papers are advertising restaurants for the obligatory (and occasionally embarrassing) staff outings. There is however Christmas cheer for shoppers and shops alike in St Albans. Surveys undertaken over the summer this year showed […]

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Bernards Heath… safer and getting better!

by awitherick on 10 October, 2010

Sorry if this seems a bit techie, but below is the official response as to what happened with the Bernards Heath playing field which was dug up recently. The short story is that they found actually that there were two different problems on the field.  There will potentially always be a danger of holes appearing.  […]

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The Pioneer – Skating on thin ice

by awitherick on 7 October, 2010

Over the summer the Tory run County Council decided to take the running of The Pioneer Youth Centre building back in house.  Instead of being managed by The Pioneer Management Committee, an independent charity, it would instead be managed by Youth Connexions. Now this could herald positive investment in the buildings and more services, or […]

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Sandy Walkington, Liberal Democrat candidate for St Albans in the 2010 election, has welcomed the announcement by the coalition government that it will be scrapping the so-called “tenant tax” which was used by the former Labour government to penalise areas such as St Albans. “Under the old Labour system, Whitehall confiscated half of the rent […]

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I won’t be the only resident stunned by the news that the Tory Administration at County Hall can manage to have accounting errors in their general fund of £21m.  It took external auditors asking questions to try and sort it out. Let’s just put this in context.  That’s the equivalent of ALL the budgeted capital […]

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Change or… change?

by awitherick on 26 September, 2010

Many of us take for granted how St Albans looks, it’s traditional blue brick streets, the Cathedral and old familiar landmarks.  But we also know that over time it has changed substantially, with new developments and extensions to existing properties. This has not been due to accident.  Some of it has been due to parts […]

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In mid-late September the Liberal Democrats gathered in Liverpool for their first Federal Conference since the General Election. This brought together members from across Great Britain to discuss policy, hold party MPs, and of course Ministers, to account as well as providing opportunities to train and network. Among the party faithful present were local councillor […]

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Anyone can be vulnerable…

by awitherick on 24 September, 2010

Not all the things we deal with as councillors are positive. Sometimes we deal with real life issues of people who are in need, or have suffered all kinds of problems. One of the more sensitive issues is vulnerable adults, something the press often don’t pick up on. It might be someone who is elderly, […]

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