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EU takes on the Global Polluters that the UK can’t

by awitherick on 19 December, 2011

Many global companies produce goods which are used not just in the UK, or even the EU, but as their name suggests, globally, so what we do here can make a real difference throughout the world. Laundry and dishwasher detergents to become phosphate free One small but significant chance to come out of the European […]

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EU fights for the small… honey bees!

by awitherick on 1 December, 2011

Sometimes we hear all kinds of strange claims about what the European Union is debating and what it’s trying to do. Often the truth is in the detail. Recent increases in bee mortality and a declining number of beekeepers across Europe could threaten food production and security, environmental sustainability and biodiversity if left unchecked.  An […]

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London air and the EU

by awitherick on 15 November, 2011

With a large number of commuters in St Albans, we do our best to liaise with our Liberal Democrat colleagues across London to make sure that our concerns there are heard.  From concerns about the failures of First Capital Connect through to the air quality. Commenting on the new report from the Parliamentary Environmental Audit […]

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Take a walk on the wild side…

by awitherick on 8 July, 2011

If you’re looking for something to do over the summer why not take the chance to explore those wild bit’s of St Albans that you some times drive through or past and have a look… For example within the Ward we’ve places like: Beech Bottom which forms part of the green ring around St Albans. […]

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Feed the birds…

by awitherick on 5 July, 2011

What is it about loaves that 400g is ghastly expensive but 800g seems to end up being too much for a week? Use your loaf to imagine… Take it from someone who lives on their own- toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and eggy bread in the evening goes stale- fast! But how can we […]

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Nuclear plants failing to pass the EU’s stress test criteria should face closure if the issues raised cannot be remedied, according to ALDE MEP Lena Ek (Centre Party, Sweden and Liberal Democrat sister party),spokesperson for the European Liberals and Democrats on the Industry Committee in the European Parliament. Günther Oettinger, the EU Energy Commissioner, has published […]

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Prior to the General Election there wasn’t a pro-Liberal Democrat newspaper, and so it is little surprise that post the General election the situation has not changed. So sadly a lot of the good that we have achieved isn’t covered in the press. Below is an example of something which went out a while back […]

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Not everyone want’s to wear leather or fur.  For many there are real concerns about the way animals are treated and kept. The European Parliament has adopted, by a large majority, a report that paves the way for a more transparent labelling of textile products within the European Union. The most important new aspects: First, […]

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The Lib Dems have challenged figures produced by the county council which show that the council taxpayer will in effect be paying £5 million to a private development project. This is due to the decision to move Southfield Special School on a temporary basis and to move the Park Education Support Centre permanently to make […]

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How far have you got walking?

by awitherick on 17 May, 2011

Walk to School Week kicked off on May 16 and over 200 primary schools and nurseries and 27 children’s centres in Hertfordshire will be taking part. Councillor Allan Witherick said “Today is the second of the week and a good reminder that the benefits really kick in when you do things on a regular basis.  […]

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